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What are some of the most common injuries that car accident victims suffer from? 

This article will go over soft tissue injuries and other types of injuries commonly suffered by passengers and drivers in car accidents. According to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (also referred to as the NHTSA), about three million people are injured annually in car accidents. Because there are so many situations in which a collision can occur, injuries from car accidents vary widely. Even with this variance, some injuries happen more commonly than other ones. 

Car accident injuries that are on the minor side, such as bruises and scrapes, often heal within about a week without needing extra medical treatment. More serious injuries, however, may result in permanent mental or physical disability, or even death. In any case, whether you think that your injuries are serious or nothing to worry about, you should seek out medical attention following the accident. 

The severity of the injuries that the passengers and driver of the vehicle suffer depends on a variety of factors. Firstly, was the person that got injured wearing their seatbelts, and if they were, did they have it on properly? Did the car have functioning airbags in it? Was the crash high-speed or low-speed? What direction was the vehicle hit in: the front, rear, or side? And lastly, was the person that got injured facing directly ahead in their seat, or were they turned a certain way? 

Most injuries that occur as a result of auto accidents can be placed into two big categories: penetrating injuries, and impact injuries. Penetrating injuries happen because loose objects fly up during the crash, or because of broken glass. Penetrating injuries commonly consist of cuts and scrapes. Impact injuries are usually the result of a part of a person’s body hitting a part of the car’s interior. Some examples of this include a person’s head hitting into their side window or their head rest, or their knees smacking into the dashboard. Impact injuries often cause bruises. 

Soft tissue injuries occur when damage happens to a part of the body’s connective tissues, such as ligaments and tendons, or muscles. Soft tissue injuries are some of the most common types of injuries that people get because of car accidents. There are many types of soft tissue injuries that can occur. One type of soft tissue injury is a whiplash injury, which affects the neck and upper back. A whiplash injury happens when the neck and head are subjected to sudden force in a car accident, and it stretches the ligaments and muscles. The same collision forces that can cause whiplash can also lead to other soft tissue injuries in other parts of the body, like the back. Car accidents commonly cause issues such as low-back and mid-back muscle sprains. They can also cause more severe back injuries because of the impact force of the crash upon the spine. 

When a person gets into a car accident, any and all loose objects inside the vehicle can become projectiles and fly through the air without warning. This includes objects such as coffee mugs, books, cell phones, GPS devices mounted on the car’s dashboard, purses, writing utensils, and eyeglasses. If any of the items are launched in the crash, they can strike your bodily and easily cause injuries such as cuts and puncture wounds. 

The majority of cuts and scrapes that people receive from auto accidents are pretty minor injuries and do not need any special medical treatment. More serious injuries, like lacerations, might need stitches to heal properly. Scrapes and cuts can also be inflicted when airbags deploy and hit into the driver or passengers. 

There are many types of head injuries that can occur in car accidents, ranging from minor concussions to disabling traumatic brain injuries. When a car changes in direction or stops unexpectedly, it can cause the passengers’ and driver’s heads to move in unnatural and sudden ways. This type of movement can cause muscle sprains and strains in the back and neck (such as whiplash, like we discussed before). These movements can also cause the person’s head to be injured. When a person’s head hits something in the interior of the car, such as the steering wheel or a side window, it can bruise or cut it. 

When someone hits their head severely, it can lead to something referred to as a “closed head injury.” Closed head injuries can consist of blood vessels and brain tissue getting torn and bruised. In most cases, close head injuries lead to concussions. However, more serious impacts to the head can cause permanent brain damage. 

Another common injury that happens because of car accidents is chest injuries. More minor chest injuries include small bruises, with worse injuries looking like painful, large bruises and broken ribs. On the more severe end of the spectrum, chest injuries can cause internal bleeding and punctured lungs. Usually, when drivers end up with chest injuries, it’s from hitting the steering wheel. Dashboards and seat belts are other causes of chest injuries. 

The same collision forces that can cause whiplash during a car accident can also have a similar effect on a person’s legs and arms. If your vehicle gets impacted on the side, then your legs and arms could be thrown against the side of the car or its door. In car accidents, drivers and passengers often hit their knees against the seat in front of them or the dashboard. Depending on how severe the collision was, it is possible for a victim’s legs and arms to be broken, bruised, scraped, or sprained in a car accident. 

An important thing to keep in mind is that some accident injuries may not manifest themselves immediately after a car accident. Depending on what type of injury it is, it could take up to weeks for symptoms to exhibit. If you’re in a car accident, you should seek out medical treatment as soon as you can. 

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