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On the morning of Sunday, November 28th, 2022, there was a car accident in Puyallup. The accident happened on South Meridian at the 2200 block, close to 31st Avenue Southwest. The accident is reported to have occurred at about two in the morning, and involved a pedestrian. Pedestrian accidents are often very serious, and in this case the accident killed the victim.
Eyewitness accounts and official reports say that a 32-year old man from Tacoma was driving on Meridian southbound, when he collided with a car that was stopped in the middle of the road. After the accident happened, the driver called 911 and let emergency services know about the accident. Dispatch stated that the party that reported the incident was the person who struck the parked vehicle, and he called to say what happened. The caller that called 911 told police dispatch that he saw an unresponsive man that was unconscious lying on the ground next to the caller’s vehicle.

The driver who hit into the parked vehicle told police that he was going to attempt CPR, and then performed it on the unconscious man at the scene. A passenger who was inside of the parked car also suffered injuries in the crash. First responders came to the scene as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the unconscious male victim was pronounced dead. Medics took the injured passenger, who is a 32-year-old female, to a nearby hospital so that she could get treatment for her injuries. Thankfully, her injuries weren’t too serious.

Because of the accident, a major traffic alert was sent out by the Puyallup Police Department on their social media accounts. Although traffic wasn’t completely blocked, a proper investigation and cleanup were done. It was advised for drivers to find an alternate route to avoid slowdowns, and go around if possible. Meridian stayed open, but the traffic lanes were decreased to only one going in each direction.
Police officers arrived at the scene of the fatal collision that happened in the 2200 block of South Meridian, and were there for a while to investigate the scene. Because of the death that occurred, a vehicular homicide investigation was opened up. Officers were sent out to the crash site at about 2:07 am on the morning of Sunday the 27th. A few minutes later, the officers arrived. When they got there, they observed the person who reported the incident doing CPR on the victim. Although the driver tried to save his life, the individual died.
Later, the Puyallup Police Department released a statement about the investigation thus far. Preliminary investigation has indicated that the party who reported the incident was driving south on South Meridian when he hit into a vehicle that was parked in the middle of the southbound lanes. It seems that the pedestrian that was killed was associated with the car that was stopped in the road. He exited the car before the crash happened; he was not thrown from the vehicle because of the crash.

Investigators are not yet certain why the victim’s car was parked in the roadway, and they are not sure why one of the car’s occupants had left the car and was outside of it. It is clear, however, that the man outside of the parked vehicle was hit by the car being driven by the 32-year-old driver. The driver was arrested by police for suspicion of vehicular homicide and driving under the influence (DUI). If found guilty, he could see jail time for what happened.

The Metro Cities Major Collision Response Team is currently actively working to investigate the accident. If you saw what happened, you should reach out to the Puyallup Police Department tip line or email them to give them your eyewitness account. The input of witnesses will be very helpful in building a case and getting to the truth of the specifics of what occurred.

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