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It’s common knowledge that winter can cause car accidents because of icy and snowy hazardous conditions. However, car accidents are also pretty common occurrences in the spring. It’s important to know what causes collisions in the spring season so that you can try to avoid them. Knowing is half the battle. 

Fatigued Driving: In the spring, unfortunately we have to set our clocks to “spring forward” one hour for daylight saving time. This can take people some time to get used to, and during the adjustment period they may feel more tired as they go about their daily activities. Daylight saving time interferes with people’s sleep routines, and because they usually drive to work shortly after getting up, this means drowsy people are on the roads. In the week after the spring time change, America sees a 6 percent jump in the number of fatal car accidents. 

Another reason for fatigued driving in the spring is that people with seasonal allergies resume taking their over-the-counter medications again. Allergies can make spring unbearable, but medication can help alleviate some symptoms. Unfortunately, many of these medications also have drowsiness as a side effect. If someone gets behind the wheel while tired, regardless of the cause, they have an increased chance of crashing. While fatigued, drivers might fall asleep, have a hard time concentrating, and have a delayed reaction time. 

Sun Glare: In this article we will go over multiple spring weather conditions that can contribute to car accidents, but sun glare is a common cause. The sun’s rays are stronger in the spring, and are less often blocked by clouds than before. They can make it harder for drivers to see in front of them on the road. Obviously, obscured vision can cause an accident to happen. Some ways to mitigate this risk are by keeping your windshields clean, and wearing sunglasses while driving. Sometimes when spring comes, drivers get surprised by the sun peeking out from a cloud and shining in their eyes, so it’s important to be aware of the dangers. 

Potholes: Snow and ice can fill in potholes, so when they melt, it can make potholes seemingly appear on the roads. Weather conditions from the winter can also create new potholes. So when spring comes, potholes are a common cause of car accidents. If you don’t see a pothole and you go over it, it could cause you to crash. It’s the job of the local government to maintain the roads and fill in potholes to prevent accidents, but sometimes they neglect their duties. Washington is actually statistically the state with the worst pothole problems. 

Auto Accident Lawyers

Auto Accident Lawyers

Construction Zones: During winter, most construction projects come to a stop. When warmer weather comes in the spring, construction crews are able to do work on the roadways. Some of the types of work that construction crews may conduct in the spring include repairing roads, or making improvements to intersections and highways (such as widening roads). The Pacific Northwest’s inhabitants are no strangers to constant construction work causing road congestion and closures. The best thing drivers can do to stay safe is to follow speed limits in construction zones. They should also obey instructions from signs and construction workers. 

Bicyclists and Pedestrians: As it gets warmer, more people go out walking and biking. After being stuck indoors in the winter, they are eager to get outside again. With more bicyclists and pedestrians on the sidewalks and roads, they are more likely to get hit. Some of the common reasons for accidents involving people walking and biking are distracted driving, taking left-hand turns, and speeding. It’s important for drivers to look out for people all year long so that they can avoid hitting them. However, this is especially true in the warmer months. Make sure to watch out for people riding bicycles or on foot on or near the road. These types of accidents can cause severe injuries to the victims, because they don’t have the protection that a vehicle provides. 

Drunk Driving: College students have their spring break during this time of year, taking time off of school and hanging out with friends. With warmer weather, more people in general gather for social activities such as sports games, parties, bars, restaurants, barbecues, and more. Unfortunately, this also means that a bunch of people are out drinking and taking drugs, and may get behind the wheel while under the influence. This significantly increases the risk of a car accident happening. Drugs and alcohol can impair a person’s reaction times, coordination, and judgment, all of which are important for safe driving. 

Rain: Rainy weather is a given during spring in the Pacific Northwest. Rain makes it harder for drivers to see the road, and makes roadways more slippery, which can cause vehicles to slide or hydroplane. If it’s heavily raining, you should avoid driving if possible. If you must drive in the rain, go at slower speed and make sure you have properly functioning windshield wipers. Spring and summer can bring rainstorms, which can cause the previous mentioned issues in addition to flooding. 

Other Weather Conditions: During early spring, weather and temperatures can fluctuate drastically. It could be sunny and warm one day and snowy and cold the next. You should be prepared for sudden weather changes in the spring. Don’t rule out the possibility of snow or black ice. 

If you were injured in an auto accident that happened during spring, or any other time of the year, Sears Injury Law is here for you. Regardless of when the accident happened, it’s important to get in touch with a personal injury law firm so that we can get started on your case. Please keep in mind that injury victims have a limited amount of time during which they can file their claim. Our car accident attorneys will handle your claim so that you can get financial compensation. We will recover as much as possible from the at-fault parties so that you can get back on your feet again. 

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