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From time to time, we’re asked specific questions about the problems or concerns that our clients may encounter when dealing with personal injury law. We’ve listed some of those frequently asked questions below for quick reference. If there are any questions that you may have that are not listed below, please call us at anytime. Alternatively, you can share your questions in the contact form and we will reply within 24 hours.

Can I afford an attorney for my accident?
Payment for our services is strictly contingent on recovering for you. There are no out of pocket costs for our clients- we advance all costs throughout. Only at the successful conclusion of your case is our firm paid. You can rest easy knowing we’re working hard on your case.
Should I hire a car accident lawyer? What does a car accident lawyer do?
Hiring a skilled personal injury attorney to handle your claim against the insurance company comes with many benefits. We’ll talk to the insurance company so that you don’t have to, and our team will help you seek the medical care that gets you better. When it comes to knowing the value of your case, we feature skilled specialists who evaluate cases just like yours every day. We’ll supply the insurance company with a demand packing including the specific information they’ll need to pay top value on your case, allowing you to focus on recovering.e.
How much is my car accident settlement worth?

Each case is unique and individual in value. Rest assured that our team of specialists will work tirelessly to obtain the best compensation for your case after doing all we can to help you get you medically well though the course of treatment. When it comes to proving the value of your case, trust the professionals at Sears Injury Law.

I don't want to sue anyone, but I don't want the insurance company to take advantage of me? What should I do?
Until a lawsuit is filed, your claim is against the insurance company, not the other driver directly. We all pay insurance premiums, and when we have to use it the insurance company is obligated to pay. Much more often than not our office is able to recover full value on your case without suing anyone. On the remaining cases, filing a lawsuit is always a decision made by you, our client.
Can I handle my car accident claim by myself?
It’s true that many people choose to handle their injury claims on their own. However, the insurance companies themselves have provided studies that show that people who are represented by skilled personal injury attorneys recover at a much higher level.
How do car accident claims work?
Car accident claims can be frustrating and confusing. The good news is you’ll likely only need to work through them a handful of times. The bad news is that because they happen infrequently the insurance adjuster is likely to offer you a settlement not reflective of the value of your case to save their company money. Once we take over, we send a letter of representation to the adjuster that makes it unlawful to contact you for the rest of the claim without your permission. We will document, prepare, and present your case to the insurance company to ensure you get fairly compensated.
What to do when a car accident happens?
When you’re involved in an accident, the most critical thing to do is to get the information of the other driver. You’ll want to take a photo of their drivers license, proof of insurance, and photographs of the damage to both vehicles. Hit and run? Don’t worry- if you carry uninsured motorists coverage we can still make your claim work.
When should I go to the doctor after an accident?
The best advice is to go see your doctor as soon as you begin to feel pain. Oftentimes pain after accidents can take up to a week or more to begin. It is important that when you feel pain, you seek treatment so that you can begin to recover and we can prove to the insurance company that you were hurt on that day.
Can car accidents cause herniated and bulged discs, sciatica, and nerve damage?
Unfortunately, people every year have their lives changed by injuries from car accidents, including herniated and bulged discs, sciatica, and nerve damage. Though many injuries will heal conservatively, many others require surgery. Don’t let the insurance company undervalue your pain. Once you’ve been hurt in an accident, our job is to use our community network to help you find the right doctor medically and provide the best results to get you fairly compensated legally.
What is whiplash?
Whiplash occurs when the head is snapped back and then forward during impact. Oftentimes both the front and back of the neck will be in pain. When whiplash occurs, the natural curve of the neck is often diminished. Seeing a doctor who specializes in accident recovery is critical. Call or message our office today for a referral to a doctor who will put you on the road to recovery.

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