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We pride ourselves on providing personalized solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our unwavering attention to detail ensures that every aspect of your case is thoroughly examined and addressed.


Casey is dedicated to securing the rightful compensation for his clients and assisting them in moving forward with their lives. Place your trust in Casey Asplund as your unwavering advocate, committed to protecting your rights at every turn.

Casey Asplund is a fervent champion for individuals who have suffered injuries. He possesses personal experience in battling insurance companies, both with and without legal representation. This life experience has driven him to make it his mission to ensure that every victim of a car accident or other personal injury receives the highest level of legal representation, ensuring that their journey towards justice is smooth. Casey firmly believes that every accident victim deserves:

  1. Premier legal representation.
  2. Access to top-quality medical care, a service Casey can assist with.
  3. The luxury of having a dedicated professional team by their side, enabling them to focus on their personal lives rather than their legal matters.

Through his unwavering dedication, Casey has established a track record of delivering exceptional service and results for our clients, resulting in millions of dollars in settlements on their behalf each month.

As a proud native of Puyallup, Washington, when Casey isn’t devoted to ensuring the best legal outcomes for our clients, you’ll find him immersing himself in the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Whether it’s boating, golfing, skiing, wake surfing, road trips, camping, fishing, or hiking, Casey enjoys all that this region has to offer.


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Sears Injury Law enjoys the confidence of a diverse group of referrers, including fellow attorneys, medical professionals such as doctors and chiropractors, hospital personnel and nurses, insurance claims adjusters and agents, investigators, small business proprietors, and esteemed figures within the community. In simple terms, our track record demonstrates our ability to consistently deliver exceptional results.

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