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Spanish Intake Specialist (Habla Español)

Dennys possesses a remarkable proficiency that extends beyond the realm of legal matters, as she excels in assisting clients with the intricacies of property damage and vehicle repair aspects within their personal injury cases. Her unwavering commitment ensures that our clients consistently receive the highest level of care and support.

Dennys is a bilingual English and Spanish paralegal, intake specialist, and a true luminary in the field of personal injury. Prior to joining our team, Dennys honed her skills in patient care management at medical offices, fueled by her genuine passion for aiding injured individuals in their healing journey. Her extensive background also includes aiding clients in navigating the often complex terrain of property damage and vehicle repair within personal injury cases. Dennys is renowned for her willingness to go the extra mile on behalf of our clients.

Deeply embedded in her community, Dennys boasts a network of invaluable connections. She consistently leverages these connections to provide our clients with referrals that ensure they receive the best possible care, whether it be guiding them to a medical office for treatment, a body shop for vehicle repairs, or any other crucial element related to their case.


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