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Over the past weeks, we have mourned the loss of trees and wildlife as our forests and freeway medians have burned, causing hazardous air and dangerous driving conditions.

Reduced Sight Distance

The largest issue when driving these days is the reduced sight distance. We have seen an increase in multi-car accidents caused when drivers are unable to see a safe distance in front of them. When traffic goes from 60 and over to zero, bad things happen.

Difficulty Breathing

As far as safety goes, authorities warn that inhaling smoke is hazardous to the occupants. We recommend against rolling windows down for what is normally fresh air. Instead, use your air conditioner and circulate the air inside of your vehicle. We recommend against wearing a mask, as it can cause difficulty breathing.

Smoke-caused Car Accident?

If you find yourself in a car accident that you believe has been caused by smoke, it is important to confirm the other driver’s license, their insurance information, and to call an attorney at our office for a free consultation and review of your options.

As always, we meet with prospective clients for free, and are happy to walk you through your options. Stay safe, and pray for rain!


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