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According to an article from the Tri-City Herald news, Washington is the highest-ranking state for fatal accidents involving multiple vehicles. This is a very concerning trend. At Sears Injury Law, we help people that were injured in an accident, or that lost a loved one to an accident. With so many accidents happening, it’s important that victims have access to car accident injury attorneys with experience, which means they can obtain compensation for their damages. 

There are a variety of factors that can increase the odds of a car accident happening. Washington happens to have many dangerous driving conditions, which may be why there are so many car accident fatalities here. One of the biggest causes behind the worst car accidents is driver impairment from drugs or alcohol. Sears Injury Law has covered numerous car accident cases that were caused by drunk driving. Distraction, congested traffic, and speeding are also common causes. 

Other factors, such as people being unsafe when changing lanes, icy or rainy weather conditions, or an accident already blocking traffic, can make an accident involving multiple vehicles more likely. The state that you are in can also have an impact on whether or not a car accident ends in a fatality. We’ll discuss the reasons behind this shortly. There are reasons why Washington state is considered by some to be the deadliest when it comes to multi-vehicle crashes. 

At some law offices in Florida, accident attorneys released the results of a national study about traffic data. They used information from the National Traffic Safety Administration to determine which states are the most likely to have fatal accidents involving multiple cars. For the purposes of this investigation, a “multiple vehicle crash” was defined as an accident that involved three vehicles or more. The attorneys examined how often this type of accident resulted in fatalities in each state. 

Between the years of 2017 and 2021, Washington had the highest rates of fatal multi-car accidents. Within that time frame, Washington had over 240 reported fatal accidents where three or more vehicles were involved. This accounts for a little over nine percent of the multi-vehicle accidents statewide. The national percentage of multi-car crashes where people die is 7.4% in comparison. Washington is the only state where 9% or more of accidents with three or more vehicles involved fatalities. This might seem shocking, but rest assured that the Washington State Department of Transportation is aware of the traffic fatality rates in the state and is working to combat them. 

WSDOT has what is called the Strategic Highway Safety Plan: Target Zero. The WSDOT website states that Target Zero is “a plan with the goal of reducing the number of traffic deaths and serious injuries on Washington’s roadways to zero by the year 2030.” It was named because of the fight not to have anyone lose their life on our roadways. People in Washington should be able to drive without the constant fear of getting seriously injured or even killed by another driver. 

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After Washington, with the highest percentage of multi-vehicle accidents resulting in death, other states with high percentages were Utah, Florida, California, Georgia, Arizona, Colorado, Maryland, Nevada, and Texas. The state that had the lowest percentage was Montana, at 1.86%. Washington’s percentage is almost five times that statistic. The ten states with the lowest fatality rates from accidents with three or more vehicles all had lower percentages than 5.7%. 

Fortunately, there are some ways that you can try to prevent yourself from being in a car accident. To protect yourself from multiple vehicle collisions when you’re on the road, it’s crucial that you pay attention to your surroundings, including potential road hazards and other drivers. Sears Injury Law has been written before on the topic of winter driving safety. Colder months can be more dangerous for people on the road because of snow and ice, as well as increased traffic. It’s important to remember that all drivers on the road have a shared responsibility to drive safely. 

The Washington State Department of Transportation provided tips for driving during the winter in Washington. 

  • Drive slower than normal, and leave more space between you and the vehicle ahead of you. 
  • Get tires with improved traction and/or install snow chains. 
  • Avoid using cruise control because it can make your car dangerously accelerate if the road is icy. 
  • Check the weather forecast before going on long trips. 
  • Always drive carefully and vigilantly. Stay focused, and don’t get distracted. Keep your eyes on the road and stay alert. 
  • Never drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol or while exhausted. 
  • Make sure that you get your vehicle regularly maintained. This includes checking tire pressure, brake function, lights, and more. 

Following all these measures doesn’t guarantee you won’t be involved in an accident. Although most drivers in Washington are focused while driving and obeying the law, the minority that acts irresponsibly puts everyone in danger. They might be texting and driving, driving while drunk or high, or purposefully driving recklessly. If you were injured in a car accident caused by someone else’s reckless behavior, then you should reach out to Sears Injury Law. We can help you pursue a personal injury claim to recover compensation. 

Although Washington has the highest rate of fatality in multi-vehicle accidents in the country, efforts from the WSDOT and members of the local community can help bring this percentage down. The best thing that you can do to help is drive as safely as you can and advocate for improved road safety measures in our state. If you or a loved one suffers a car accident injury, it’s important to fight for justice and hold people accountable for what happened. 

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