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Demonstrating unwavering support for each individual navigating the three fundamental systems that possess the authority to govern nearly every facet of one's existence - the realms of law, healthcare, and employment.

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Holly Brauchli is a firm believer in the necessity of robust advocacy for individuals who navigate the three pivotal systems that hold sway over nearly every facet of their lives: the legal, medical, and employment systems.

Holly is deeply passionate about the imperative need for strong advocacy on behalf of anyone who interacts with these three critical systems, which possess the potential to profoundly influence a person’s existence. She recognizes that, all too often, these systems can be misused, leading to the subjugation of individuals, especially during their most challenging moments of injury or trauma. Holly takes immense pride in her role, assisting people in finding their voice and empowering them to chart a path forward.

Upon graduating from law school, Holly received valuable advice to sharpen her skills by seeking opportunities where she could gain substantial experience. Her plan was to transition to meaningful work once she had honed her craft. Following this guidance, she began her journey by acquiring trial skills as a prosecutor and then deepened her expertise with nearly a decade of experience as a civil defense litigator. By the end of this decade, she was handling intricate, multi-million-dollar cases, conducting training sessions for attorneys and corporate personnel, and achieving success in appellate matters. In essence, Holly’s ability to litigate against corporations and insurance companies is rooted in her prior experience litigating on their behalf.

Holly brings a wealth of experience both inside and outside the courtroom. She has presented numerous trials, overseen hundreds of depositions, and worked with an extensive volume of documents. She is adept at collaborating with experts and excels in both written and oral advocacy. However, her most cherished aspect of her work lies in the deep connections she forges with her clients. She takes the time to understand them on a profound level, delving into the intricacies of their cases. Her greatest satisfaction arises from building a case in partnership with her clients, ensuring they are comfortable with the process and proud of the direction it takes. Holly firmly believes that justice is uniquely defined by each individual and is dedicated to achieving outcomes that her clients genuinely perceive as success.


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