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Following a car accident you’re entitled to compensation from the Insurance Company — but how do you get it?

Insurance companies certainly don’t offer fair settlements out of the goodness of their hearts and without a serious push. However, if you’re set on handing your case without an attorney, here are a few pointers:

1. Communicate the level of your injuries right away.

Never let the insurance adjuster minimize your injuries in their initial calls or during a recorded statement. Always make it clear that you’ve been injured, are seeking treatment for your injuries, and won’t discuss settlement of your case until your care team releases you and you’re back to health.

2. Start high. Insurance adjusters are taught to start low on their offers.

Many people go for it! To protect yourself and to keep the door open for an attorney to get what’s fair later on if and when your negotiations fail, keep your settlement demands high. It is more difficult to force the insurance company up than it is to lower your demands.

3. Don’t sign a release until an attorney has reviewed it.

Releases are final, and insurance companies are great at keeping them that way. Any medical bill that isn’t covered in the release needs to be included so you aren’t stuck with it at the end of the case after it has been settled. Be sure that ANY possible defendant is named in the release.

4.  Be sure that your medical team knows and understands that you’re choosing to settle the case.

It’s important that the insurance company knows each medical provider you’ve seen and that each medical provider has sent in their entire medical file with billing to ensure all of your treatment is covered. Unfortunately, people are often stuck with billing for treatment that was caused by no fault of their own.

5. Skip steps 1-4 and call Sears Injury Law!

We will be happy to provide an educated case analysis for you, and whether or not you choose to formally have us handle the case or not, we will walk you through the steps necessary to ensure a successful resolution of your case as a courtesy.


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