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Michaela Ignacio

Dynamic Legal Marketer & Community Advocate

Sales & Marketing Executive

Blending Legal Expertise with Marketing Mastery and Community Service

Michaela is a powerhouse at the intersection of personal injury law and marketing. Balancing her commitment to the provider and client side of personal injury law, she has also devoted a portion of her expertise to assisting the Filipino community, ensuring accessibility to justice.

A proud University of Michigan alum with academic honors, Michaela has directed marketing strategies for various firms and businesses. Bringing over 15 years of hands-on experience in sales and customer service operations, she thrives on delivering exceptional results while prioritizing client satisfaction. Her track record speaks for itself, consistently excelling in diverse and demanding roles. Now, she is leveraging her skills with the dynamic legal team of Sears Injury Law to contribute meaningfully to client success.

Beyond the legal arena, she’s a black belt martial artist boasting fourteen gold medals in sparring competitions. Her enthusiasm for life transcends into travel, sports, technology, cars, and owning real estate. With roots deeply embedded in Washington and California, Michaela embodies a blend of legal prowess, marketing finesse, and a vibrant love for diverse interests.


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