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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Puyallup

Hurt from a motorcycle accident? Let us help!

Motorcycle accidents are more likely than car accidents to result in severe injury and even death. Call Sears Injury Law Now!

Each year, we help those injured in motorcycle accidents get the healing and financial compensation that they deserve. Whether it’s physical injuries like broken bones or disc protrusions causing the need for surgery, neck and back pain, or emotional trauma like PTSD, we are equipped to help you get well and get compensated at the highest level.

Founding attorney Robert Sears grew up riding motorcycles with his dad, and unfortunately saw his dad suffer two life-changing accidents. He knows what it’s like to be in the harrowing position of calling firetrucks and helicopters to remove his own father from the scene of a motorcycle accident, and feels empathy for those who come to our office with these stories of their own. We feel your pain, and we can share our own experiences in hopes of aiding in yours.

Our Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help.

Hospital and other medical bills can mount quickly following motorcycle accidents. Our office prides itself in assisting with the stress of these bills, as often the injured motorcycle rider is out of work and can’t earn money for their family. Being sure these bills are sent to the correct insurance for payment is key in both reducing the stress and protecting the credit of the injured rider. We are here to help.

Motorcycle & Bicycle Accident Lawyers

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle or bicycle accident call us now to connect on how we can help you with your case.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I'm involved in a motorcycle accident?

The most important thing to do following a motorcycle accident is to collect information.

  • Get the other driver’s information, including their name, address, and insurance card. Usually this is gathered by the responding police officer.
  • Frequently people forget to obtain a picture of the person’s driver’s license. If a lawsuit becomes necessary it is sometimes difficult to locate the offending person. Insurance companies make it difficult and don’t volunteer the defendant’s address.
What should I do about medical care after an accident?

If your injuries require an ambulance, you should be seen at the hospital to ensure your injuries aren’t causing severe internal problems, which can lead to unforeseen complications. We have seen cases where people try to “tough it out”, only to wind up in the hospital for internal bleeding or other severe issues.

Why do I need a motorcycle injury attorney?
After your accident, It is important to call a competent motorcycle attorney. From the very get-go, we want to line up your case for success. This means limiting or avoiding all-together, the calls from insurance carriers wanting to take recorded statements meant to damage your case. Once we notify the insurance company of our involvement they can’t contact you again. All of the communication goes through our office.

Our office specializes in finding the right medical care to help you get back to health. No amount of money in the world will make your pain go away. We like to see people get as well as they can before we entertain settling your case. Of course, if you direct otherwise, we will follow your wishes and settle the case immediately.

Can I afford an attorney?
Our office works on contingency fee, so we are all in on your case, and we’re in it together. The initial consultation is free, and we advance costs associated with your case. At the end, we get paid when you do, making it a true win-win. With our fee structure, you’ll never have to worry whether or not we’re hard at work on your case. It’s not whether you can afford an attorney, it’s whether you can afford not to?
How much is my case worth?
There are several factors in value for a personal injury claim, with the driving factor being how badly you’re hurt. The simple answer on value is that our office will have a great feel at the initial intake meeting for the potential of your claim, and will have the value pinned before we engage in settlement negotiations with the insurance company. Whatever your case is worth, you can bet we will fight tooth and nail to collect every dollar.