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Auto accidents unfortunately happen frequently, resulting in a wide range of injuries, from minor to severe. At Sears Injury Law, we offer dedicated representation to numerous individuals involved in auto accidents each year. Our primary goal is to assist them in securing fair compensation for various hardships, including medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, time away from their loved ones, and more.

Our firm possesses a deep understanding of insurance company practices and a proven ability to effectively gather evidence and advocate on your behalf. We are committed to tirelessly fighting for accident victims against powerful insurance corporations.

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Insurance companies are well aware that without the guidance of an experienced car accident attorney, injury victims often find themselves compelled to accept insufficient settlement offers. When you enlist the services of Seattle Injury Law in Tacoma, the balance of power shifts in your favor. Our team will handle your case, allowing you to prioritize your recovery.

If your car accident injuries limit your ability to travel to our office, we are prepared to arrange meetings at your convenience. We are committed to accommodating your needs, ensuring that your experience is both comfortable and hassle-free.

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Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents are a common occurrence, frequently resulting in injuries. Sears Injury Law advocates for numerous individuals who have been affected. Find Out More:

Motorcycle & Bicycle Accidents

Motorcycle riders are left vulnerable without the protective outer shell. Don’t wait for an injury to happen. Find Out More:

L&I Car Accidents

Unfortunately, thousands of individuals sustain injuries each year while walking. Take action now to protect yourself. Find Out More:

Wrongful Death

The most severe personal injury accidents can tragically lead to loss of life. In such cases, taking prompt action is crucial. Find Out More:

Slip And Fall Injuries

Slip and fall accidents have the potential to cause life-altering pain, disability, and loss. Don’t wait to seek help and guidance. Find Out More:

Dog Bite Injuries

While most people adore dogs, instances of negligent ownership and control can result in tragic accidents. It’s important to address these issues proactively. Find Out More:

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At Sears Injury Law, we consistently deliver outstanding outcomes for our clients. Our approach involves a thorough understanding of your unique circumstances and the challenges you’ve faced, enabling us to provide the most effective assistance. We maintain regular and open communication with our clients to ensure that we are always advocating for your best interests.


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Among those who rely on Sears Injury Law for referrals are fellow attorneys, medical professionals including doctors and chiropractors, hospital staff and nurses, insurance claims adjusters and agents, investigators, small business proprietors, and respected community figures. In short, we consistently achieve top-tier results. Allow us to secure compensation for your medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering

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