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In the event of a water-related accident, the injured party has the option to pursue compensation. However, to do so, they must establish that their injury can be attributed to the negligence or recklessness of another party.

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Washington is a popular destination for boating enthusiasts, offering numerous picturesque waterways like Lake Washington and the Salish Sea. However, the high level of water-based recreational activities in the state also means that unfortunate boating accidents can occur. When such incidents transpire on the water, injury victims have the option to pursue compensation. To do so, they must establish that their injuries resulted from the negligence or recklessness of another party.

Boating in Washington is subject to a range of regulations, and all boaters are required to be well-versed not only in state but also federal regulations. To legally operate or moor a watercraft in Washington, individuals must possess the appropriate registration decals and cards. To obtain a boater education card, one must successfully complete a state-approved boating safety course or an equivalency exam, which can be taken either in person or online. Subsequently, they must submit their application for a boater education card.

In Washington state, several laws come into play for boaters while they’re on the water. One key regulation, outlined in the Revised Code of Washington 79A.60.030, prohibits the negligent operation of vessels. This entails that individuals cannot operate a watercraft while neglecting prudence and due care. Various actions can fall under the umbrella of negligence, encompassing a wide range of behaviors that go against responsible boating practices.

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Negligence in boating can take various forms. For instance, weaving a vessel through congested waterway traffic is considered negligent behavior. Other examples include exceeding the recommended capacity by overloading the vessel with passengers and maneuvering the boat in a way that cuts dangerously close between individuals being towed and the towing boat. Additionally, steering a boat toward an individual or object in the water and making sharp turns in close proximity poses a significant risk to human physical safety, property, and lives. When a watercraft’s visibility is obstructed, crossing paths with another vessel can similarly jeopardize human physical safety, human lives, and property.

Boating Accident Lawyers in Puyallup

Numerous other regulations govern boaters in the state of Washington. Operating a vessel in a manner that disrupts the safe navigation of other vessels is prohibited. Anchoring a vessel in a part of a channel or river that obstructs the passage of other vessels is also against the law. Additionally, it is illegal to interfere with, damage, tamper with, move, or displace any type of navigational aid. Moreover, attaching or mooring a vessel to navigational aids like lights, beacons, and buoys is prohibited, unless the buoy is specifically intended for that purpose. Finally, spilling hazardous substances or oil in state waters is strictly illegal.

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In 2019, several significant contributing factors were identified in boat accidents. These included boat operators failing to maintain situational awareness, lacking adequate experience, passengers not diligently observing their surroundings, machinery failures, violations of navigation rules, hazardous water conditions, adverse weather, excessive speed, the impact of waves or wakes, and alcohol consumption. Excessive speed resulted in the highest number of fatalities, while improper lookout was the leading cause of injuries.

Now, who bears responsibility for the boating accident that resulted in your injury? To seek compensation following a boating accident injury, your personal injury attorney must present evidence demonstrating that another party was at fault for the incident. Many personal injury cases arise from the negligence of another party.

Various entities can be held liable for boating accidents in Washington, including:

1. Bars or restaurants that served alcohol to visibly intoxicated individuals who later operated a boat and caused an accident.
2. Manufacturers of the boat if the accident stemmed from a manufacturing defect.
3. The boat operator, if they acted negligently, such as by speeding or operating the boat under the influence.
4. Passengers on the boat, if their actions led to the accident, such as starting a fight or behaving recklessly in the presence of the boat operator.

If you’re prepared to engage a personal injury firm to initiate your boat accident injury claim, don’t hesitate to reach out to Sears Injury Law in Puyallup promptly. Our proficient personal injury attorneys will diligently collect evidence, including data on weather conditions, witness statements, and more, to construct a robust case on your behalf. Our objective is to secure compensation for the injuries sustained in the boating accident, so please get in touch with us to initiate the process. Commencing work on your case at the earliest opportunity will facilitate a smoother resolution of all matters involved.