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Many individuals rely on buses as transport to commute to their educational institutions or workplaces daily.

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It’s common for people to rely upon public transportation to get to work or school every day. In general, it is safer to ride a bus than travel in a car. However, that doesn’t mean that bus accidents don’t happen. It can be hard to know where to begin when you’ve been injured in a bus accident, but the first step is to contact a Puyallup bus accident lawyer. Sears Injury Law’s lawyers will discuss your potential case with you, and provide a case value analysis. The only way that you can get sufficient compensation is if you file a personal injury claim. Although compensation can’t fix all of the damage an accident causes, it can help relieve your financial burden. 

Bus accident cases are usually more complicated than a standard car accident claim. Injuries from bus accidents are usually worse than the average car accident injuries. The more medical expenses your injuries rack up, the more you are entitled to and the harder the insurance company will fight against you. They don’t want to give you what they know you’re owed, and they have lots of tricks to try and get out of doing it. Bus accidents often have multiple at-fault parties, and you need professionals to determine who is liable. You can get compensation from multiple sources. 

It’s possible that the government could be partly to blame for what happened. If the bus in the accident was a public bus or school bus, you could file against a government agency. Your claim could be thrown out if things aren’t done properly. Another factor that complicates matters is that multiple people are usually injured in bus accidents, and all of these victims might also be trying to file against the same parties you are.

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With all of the moving parts and parties involved in bus accident cases, you will need a personal injury attorney with experience to take care of your claim. Our compassionate attorneys at Sears Injury Law will fight to represent your best interests throughout the process. We will figure things out for you. This means determining who is liable for the pain, property damage, suffering, medical expenses, wage loss, and other damages that occurred. The bus company, a government agency, the bus’ driver, a manufacturer, a mechanic, or another driver could be to blame for the accident.

Bus Accident Lawyers in Puyallup

Even if you were partially at-fault for the bus accident, it’s still possible for you to get some compensation if you were injured. Washington is a comparative fault state- this means that different parties can be liable in different percentages. Sears Injury Law’s attorneys will explain everything to you so that you can fully understand how everything works. We want to ensure that you know how comparative fault may apply to your situation. 

Because of the large size of buses, bus accident injuries can be severe and even cause death. In most cases, bus passengers don’t have seatbelts or much protection. During an accident, passengers can get violently thrown across the bus or out of the vehicle entirely. Buses are also prone to falling over. Because cars are smaller than buses, if they get hit by one the car passengers can get severely injured. 

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Bus Injury Lawyers in Puyallup

Some bus accident injuries that victims commonly end up with include lacerations, fractures, traumatic brain injuries, soft tissue injuries, spinal cord injuries, nerve damage, paralysis, psychological trauma, and internal organ damage. Getting medical treatment after being injured in a bus accident can incur thousands of dollars in expenses. Not only is there the initial hospitalization, but also surgery, diagnostic tests, and future treatment such as ongoing care and physical therapy. You shouldn’t resign yourself to having to pay off massive medical debt for an injury that happened because of somebody else’s negligent actions. 

Bus accident victims can seek compensation for their damages if the accident was another party’s fault. One of the biggest types of compensation that victims get is for medical expenses. Medical expenses can be from a lot of things, such as prescriptions, emergency room care, physical therapy, counseling, and more. You can also get compensation for lost wages if you had to miss work because of your injuries. It’s possible that your injury reduced your ability to work, and thus your earning capacity. If you had to a hire a person to help around the house while you were recovering, you can also seek compensation for their services. 

When calculating the amount of damages in a case, pain and suffering must be taken into account. Settlements can and should include compensation for pain, trauma, and the impact that the accident injury had upon your life. If a bus accident causes wrongful death, then a claim may be used to cover funeral expenses. Wrongful death cases have different types of damages than an accident injury case. Our experienced, empathetic attorneys are here to help you through the process. We can determine what a fair settlement would be and take care of everything for you. 

A personal injury attorney’s duty is to work hard to win fair compensation for people injured in accidents. Sears Injury Law builds up a strong case with solid evidence. Usually, insurance companies will offer victims settlements that they know are much lower than what the individual is actually entitled to. They hope that the victim will accept the amount without questioning it. Instead of accepting that low amount, reach out to Sears Injury Law so that we can fight to get you the amount you deserve. Communicating frequently with our clients and keeping them in the loop are some of our top priorities. 

When you work with Sears Injury Law, we only get paid once you do. Contingency fee agreements ensure that victims that are already under financial strain don’t have to pay out-of-pocket for legal services. 

To find out how our Puyallup bus accident lawyers can help you, get in touch with us for a free consultation. We will answer any questions that you may have about the claims process. If your health makes it difficult for you to travel, we will meet you wherever is comfortable for you.