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Injuries To and From Work

What happens when you’re involved in a car accident on the job?

The intersection between auto insurance and L&I or workman’s compensation can be confusing if it’s your first time going through it.

Always opt to sign the third-party election form. Labor and Industries will offer to handle your personal injury accident through them — this is a big mistake. L&I will be looking to settle the case quickly and only for enough to be sure they get paid back for any monies they have paid towards your medical bills. However, you have the ability to elect to pursue your own case (still using L&I to pay the medical bills), which is exactly what you should do. 

Hire a Puyallup attorney to ensure the best recovery for YOU

At Sears Injury Law, we handle everything for you, including speaking with Labor and Industries, handling all contact with all insurance companies involved, and all medical providers involved. Included in our service is your wage loss claim, mileage to and from your appointments, and of course the medical care and pain and suffering aspects of your case.

We realize that navigating these types of cases can be difficult, confusing, and at times discouraging. We encourage you to take the opportunity to talk to our office, free of charge and 24/7. We’re here to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does L&I fit in when I’m involved in a car accident on the job?
Labor and Industries provides coverage to pay for medical bills when a worker is injured on the job, but what happens when that injury is caused by a negligent party on the road? The simple answer is L&I will pay your medical bills through treatment, and our office will collect a settlement or verdict against the at-fault driver. We handle all of the intersections between the various insurance companies so that you don’t have to- your only job is to focus on your health and treatment and do what you can to return to a normal state of wellness, pain free. When the case reaches a stage of resolution, our office will communicate with all of the insurances, medical offices, and any other key players in your case to make sense of it all.
What is a 3rd party election form?
A third party election form is the form the injured party signs that lets L&I know that the injured party will be pursuing their own damages for medical treatment and pain and suffering. It is always a good idea to complete this form and send back, while hiring an attorney to pursue your interests ahead of L&I’s. Labor and Industries’ contract includes a provision where L&I is paid back some of the money spent on a case, and hiring your own attorney will put you in the driver’s seat as to how much of that money they get back, and how much will go to you. It is recognized law that when the injured party hires and attorneys office such as ours, that we are automatically able to reduce the amount going back to L&I. In short, you get the benefit of our office driving a higher settlement against the at-fault auto insurance, and reducing the amount that Labor and Industries is paid back from your settlement. It’s a true win-win.
Why is it important that I seek medical treatment?

Seeking Medical care for your L&I car accident injuries is important for several reasons.

First, the obvious: it helps you get better. It’s no fun settling or otherwise resolving cases for people who are still in severe pain. We would much rather see you get the help that you need and deserve before we look to bring your case to resolution.

Secondly, treatment helps document your injuries, which is very important for your case and its value. Insurance companies and ultimately a jury will want to see that you were being proactive and doing what you could to get better, all the while creating a paper trail that is the backbone of proving your case. Plaintiffs have a duty to mitigate their damages, which means doing all they can to get well when they’re injured- this is done through the hands of professionals. Whether it’s a chiropractor, physical therapist, massage therapist, family doctor, orthopedic or neurosurgeon, it’s critical that you get in for medical care and treatment to aid in the healing of your injuries. When Labor and Industries is involved and offering to pay the associated medical bills, there’s no reason to not get the care that you need and deserve to have.